Stealth Trackers

The Stealth Tracker Moccasins:
Moccasins with the Goop Sole

The Stealth Tracker Moccasin – Tracker Moccasins
The Ultimate Moccasin for Hiking, Tracking Moccasins, Tactical Moccasins, Military, Stalking Moccasins,Earthing, Bow Hunting Moccasins, Dancing, Martial Arts, and more…

Any moccasin with the Goop Sole
is a Stealth Tracker Moccasin!

Like the Moccasins worn by Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro
in the Movie, “The Hunted”, only better!
It’s the Goop Soles!

At last, moccasin comfort with street soles, or the Stealth Tracker’s – Goop Sole! Our custom fit and custom made moccasins now allow you to have highest quality without sacrificing comfort and fit.

The Goop sole makes this a very unique Tracking Moccasin. Tracker Moccasins allow an excellent feel for the ground, traction, even rock climbing grip, without the worry of having bruised or sore feet. Comes with removable wool felt insole, and a double leather sole covered with several layers of the Goop, which can be purchased and applied as needed for years of reliable service.

As with all our footwear, we start with a cast of your foot and custom build you a moccasin uniquely designed and crafted with care. We offer a wide variety of colors, designs, soles and buttons. moccasins can be as simple and functional, or as wild and outrageous as you wish.

These top grain leather moccasins are completely hand or machine washable, with removable insoles that are replaceable. All our moccasins can be easily resoled, and are designed to last about twenty years with proper care. From Cast to Complete Moccasins…

First I make the pattern from your cast and tracings. I next make the bottom double-layer leather soles (called the “Gemini Sole”, to which I apply the Goop mixture) and insoles.

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