Goop, also known as Sole In A Jar.
Stealth trackers soles. 
Apply in layers to any clean,
dry and oil free leather. 

how to goop DVD video

One Customer emailed:  Hi Paul I got the goop and the video last week. I just finished putting the 3rd coat on. Glad I got the video because I got lots of little tips watching you do it and some confidence I was doing it correctly. I bought some inexpensive plastic palette knives at Michael’s. Worked great. Gooping is a great thing to do sitting out on the back deck on one of the first warm sunny days of spring. Even spotted a Red Breasted Sapsucker. Anyway thanks for the quick service. It’s hard to wait those few days till they are good to go.  Martha T

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For the soles of Dog Booties
Cool Paws, Polar Paws & Tuff Paws…

 Like those worn by Tommy Lee Jones
in the Movie, “The Hunted”, only better!

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What’s Goop?

It’s a 10 oz. mixture of sifted tire shavings and Barge Cement.
It comes in a pint canning jar with instructions.

What’s Goop used for?

I use it as one of my soles for my custom footwear. It is also used by a company called “Cool Paws” for the bottom of dog booties- Cool Paws, Polar Paws & Tough Paws. It gives up to 30 times the life to the bottoms of these booties! Re-apply as needed.

Can be applied to your own leather bottomed moccasins, or slippers …
just clean, dry and apply!

goop slippers

How is Goop applied?

It spreads on in layers with a regular dinnerware knife or a pallet knife. Each layer takes about an hour to dry. Apply as thick as desired, generally 3-4 layers. Let cure till the smell of glue is no longer present, about 2-3 days.

How far will 1 jar of Goop go?

It’s enough for one pair of moccasins, or 2-4 pair of dog booties.

Precautions and storage:

Use in a well ventilated area, preferably outdoors. Do not breath fumes for long periods. Has a limited shelf life, thickens with age. Best stored in a cool area – the refrigerator works best. May be thinned with barge cement or thinner.

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