Examples of SodHoppers Custom Moccasins
you can order or change to your personal desire. 
Choose height, colors, trim, soles,

buttons, and options.

Free Standard Soles & Buttons.

So what is a basic Moccasin?
The base price for a particular moccasin height includes the following:
Any leather, color combination, basic trim design,
finished edge piping, removable insoles, 
standard buttons and soles.
Optional Goop Sole,
designs and artwork are extra and are priced
on material or time and labor of application.

Base Price by Button Height

2 Button 5” $275
3 Button 7” $325
4 Button 9” $375
5 Button 11” $425
6 Button 13” $475
7 Button 15” $525
Kneehigh 16-19” $575
(8-10 Button depending on height of boot

Above the Knee & Thigh High Available

Click on Photos to Enlarge

earthing moccasins leather soles tobacco saddle


2 button Earthing moccasins with double leather soles $275 antler side cut buttons $32 in tobacco and saddle buffalo leather $307.

logo 3 button tobacco black stealth trackers moccasins


4Moc – 3 Button $325 “Stealth Tracker” Black Buffalo Main Body Stalking Moccasins with Tobacco Scallop Front Trim and Full Heelpiece. Goop Sole $50. Antler Buttons $48. Total $423

3 button buffalo moccasins tobacco green


5Moc – 3 Button $325 All Tobacco Buffalo, Cap& Tabs, and Scallop Front Trim with GreenEdging $30, and Piping. Total $355

3 button womens buffalo moccasins chocolate green cream


6Moc – 3 Button Chocolate Buffalo $325,Scallop Front Trim with Cream and GreenFront Edging $60, and Green Piping. Total $385

3 button green black women's custom moccasins


7Moc – 3 Button $325 Green Bull Main Body Frontand Black Inside Backpiece. Black RollFront Trim into Toecap $30, and Green FullHeelpieces. Total $355

5 button mens buffalo moccasins chocolate cuff redwood scroll


10Moc – 5 Button $425 Chocolate Buffalo andStraight Chocolate Cuff $40. RedwoodIntricate Design Front Trim and Full Heelpiece$250. Total $715

5 button natural edge buffalo moccasins redwood tobacco black cuff


12Moc – 5 Button $425 Redwood Buffalo MainBody Front and Tobacco Inside Backpiece.Black Natural Heelpiece $30, Natural Cuff $50,and Natural Front Trim $30, with TobaccoEdging $30. Total $575

5 button mens stealth trackers moccasins green black goop sole


13Moc – 5 Button $425 “Stealth Tracker” BlackBuffalo Main Body Front and Green Bull InsideBackpiece. Green Scallop Front Trim andBlack Full Heelpiece. Goop Sole $50.Total $475

5 button mens buffalo moccasins green dragon tobacco black


14Moc – 5 Button $425 Tobacco Buffalo MainBody. Black Natural Front Trim $40, Cap &Tabs, and Piping. Green Dragon Artwork Design $150. Total $615

6 button womens buffalo moccasins black green celtic overlay


15Moc – 6 Button $475 Black Buffalo MainBody. Green Elk Celtic Front Trimshadowing Celtic Knot Artwork Design$200, Green Wave Toecap $30,Cap & Tabs. Total $705

7 button mens leather boots black green Triskelion moccasins


18Moc – 7 Button $525 Black Buffalo Main Body.Green Bull Scallop Front Trim, and NaturalToecap $30, with Green Cap & Tabs.Triskelion Artwork Design $200. Total $705

Kneehigh tobacco redwood green edging mens buffalo moccasins


19Mocs – 8 Button Knee high TobaccoBuffalo Main Body $575. Redwood Cap & Tabs,and Scallop Front Trim with Green Edging $40,and Piping. Total $615

knee high mens leather boots moccasins black green flower applique


20Moc – 8 Button Knee high Black Buffalo Main Body and Inside Backpiece $575. Black Full Natural Heel piece $40, and Natural Cuff $50. Green Bull Natural Front Trim $40 into Toecap $30, with Redwood Edging $40. Artwork Design $250. Total $1025

mens knee high buffalo moccasins redwood black tobacco natural edge cuff


21Moc – 8 Button Knee high $575 RedwoodMain Body and Black Inside Backpiece.Black Natural Front Trim $40 with TobaccoEdging $40, Tobacco Cap & Tabs and Piping.Redwood Natural Cuff $50. Total $705

knee high stealth trackers moccasins gold elk fringe


22Moc – 8 Button Knee high “Stealth Tracker”$575 All Smoke Elk. Fringe $80. Goop Sole$50. Antler Buttons $128. Total $833

kneehigh mens buffalo moccasins redwood black wold sun artwork


23Moc – 8 Button Knee high $575 RedwoodBuffalo Main Body, and Natural Cuff $50.Black Natural Front Trim $40, Toecap $30,and Natural Full Heelpiece $40.Artwork Design $250. Total $985

green celtic overlay knee high tobacco womens leather moccasins


24 – 8 Button Knee high $575Tobacco Buffalo Main Body and Full Heel piece,Black Inside Back Piece, and Black Toe cap $30.Green Piping and Celtic Knot Design Artwork $300.Total $905

knee high sand saddle whiskey natural cuff mens custom leather moccasins


25Moc – 8 Button Knee High Sand Buffalo $575,with Sand Natural Cuff $50, SaddleNatural Front Trim $40 with TobaccoFront Edging $40, and Tabs. Total $705

kneehigh black green celtic applique custom buffalo moccasins


27Moc – 8 Button Kneehigh $575 BlackBuffalo Main Body, Green Elk CelticFull Heel piece, Natural Toecap $30,and Celtic Knotwork Design Artwork $300.Total $905

Knee high mens buffalo moccasins redwood green cuff


28Moc – 8 Button Knee high $575 All RedwoodBuffalo Main Body, Natural Cuff $50, NaturalFull Heel piece $40, and Natural Front Trim $40,with Green Edging $40, and Piping. Total $745

knee high redwood tobacco cuff natural edge buffalo moccasins


29Moc – 8 Button Knee high $575 RedwoodBuffalo Main Body. Tobacco Natural Cuff$50, Natural Full Heel piece $40, Natural FrontTrim $40, and Green Front Edging $40, andPiping. Total $745Optional Antler Crowns $192 = $937

mens knee high black buffalo moccasins skull


30Moc – 8 Button Knee high $575 All BlackBuffalo Main Body, Cap & Tabs, and CelticFront Trim into Toecap $30. Gray SkullDesign Artwork $200. Total $805

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