Examples of SodHoppers Custom Moccasins
you can order or change to your personal desire. 
Choose height, colors, trim, soles,

buttons, and options.

Free Standard Soles & Buttons.

So what is a basic Moccasin?
The base price for a particular moccasin height includes the following:
Any leather, color combination, basic trim design,
finished edge piping, removable insoles, 
standard buttons and soles.
Optional Goop Sole,
designs and artwork are extra and are priced
on material or time and labor of application.

Base Price by Button Height

2 Button 5” $275
3 Button 7” $325
4 Button 9” $375
5 Button 11” $425
6 Button 13” $475
7 Button 15” $525
Kneehigh 16-19” $575
(8-10 Button depending on height of boot

Above the Knee & Thigh High Available

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McMinnville, OR 97128
(503) 435-0606

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