SodHoppers Contract & Guarantee

A contract is established between you the customer, and SodHoppers, once moneys have exchanged hands in expectation for goods – moccasins. This contract binds me, SodHoppers, to make you the customer, a custom pair of moccasins as written on your order form/receipt, in a timely manner, usually within 3 – 5 weeks of my receipt of the usable cast, tracings, and payment in full.

Orders can be changed at any time prior to the actual start of the order.

No cancellations or refunds.

Once a contract has been made by placing an order, and making a non-refundable deposit, customers have one year to complete their end of the contract, to pay in full and get the usable cast and tracings back to me. If this time period lapses without completion of payment in full, and return of the usable cast and tracings, the contract is void and all payments are forfeited. Orders that have been placed, paid for in full, and not acted upon within one year from the date of order, or have not returned the usable cast and tracings are considered in default of contract. SodHoppers is under no obligation after this one year time period has elapsed. It is your responsibility to complete your end of this contract within one year of initial payment on your order, to send the usable cast and tracings back to me.

SodHoppers Guarantee

With proper care your SodHoppers Custom Moccasins should give you 10 – 20 years of wear. Refer to Care Instructions on the Questions page. SodHoppers Guarantees your moccasins, materials, and craftsmanship to stand up for a period of one full year. If anything goes wrong with them in that period of time, outside of neglect or abuse, notify me. I will make any necessary repairs or replacements free of charge.

Fit Issues

Occasionally there are fit issues.  If it is determined that this was caused by my craftsmanship, I will make the repairs and do my best to remedy the fit free of charge.  All I ask is that you follow the Casting instructions when making your cast and tracings and let me know right away if there is a fit issue. I do not make refunds.

My business survives on good customer relations. Please read the customer comments section to see how others feel about SodHoppers moccasins and customer relations.

Craftsmanship and quality are why SodHoppers continues to thrive,
and because of customers like you.

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