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Examples of what you can have made just for you. Send me a drawing or photo of what you have in mind and I will get it done for you.

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Kneehigh Wolf in Sun

23Moc – 8 Button Knee high $600 Redwood Buffalo Main Body, and Natural Cuff $50. Black Natural Front Trim $40, Toecap $40, and Natural Full Heelpiece $40. Wolf in Sun Artwork Design $250. Total $1020

Kneehigh Flower Artwork

20Moc – 8 Button Knee high Black Buffalo Main Body and Inside Backpiece $600. Black Full Natural Heel piece $40, and Natural Cuff $50. Green Bull Natural Front Trim $40 into Toecap $40, with Redwood Edge $40. Flower Artwork Design $250. Total $1060


8 Button Knee high $600 Redwood Buffalo Main Body. Tobacco Natural Cuff $50, Natural Full Heel piece $40, Natural Front Trim $40, and Green Front Edge $40, and Piping. Total $770. Optional Antler Crowns $192 = $962

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