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  • Moccasins are soft and tend to give with the foot rather than conform the foot to a molded shape like stiffer boots which are formed to a last. Moccasins don’t have a heel counter, which holds the heel in place. Without this some find that their heel is traveling over the heel area of their moccasins. Having a heel on the soles can accentuate this potential problem, as it will some heavier individuals.
  • I have found that the Insoles I make out of Wool Felt are far superior to Sheep Shearing which was used when these moccasins were first developed. Initially the shearing feels great, but it wears quickly on all pressure points so that in a short time you have virtually no cushion value in them. The shearing also is harder to keep clean, and traps dirt particles easily. The Wool Felt offers easier break-in, and far greater life and cushion. It also allows for the addition of optional Arch Supports and/or Orthotic Cushioning.
  • Arch Supports are a matter of personal preference. These are custom designed according to your tracings. A rubber arch cookie is sandwiched between a piece of leather and wool felt. If you always wear shoes with arches and like them, you may like them in these moccasins as well. If your feet tend to fall in, the arch would definitely help. If you wear on the outside of you feet, arches may just accentuate this even more. If you are flat footed or don’t think arches are advantageous, forget them. Others with flat feat swear by them.
  • Orthotic Cushioning is great if you have tender feet or are in need of extra padding, or to help relieve sore feet.
buffalo leather sole moccasins insoles
Leather Soles and Insoles Double Leather Sole. 
This is an option for those who prefer a more traditional look.

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