Apprenticeship – Boot Camp

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Moccasin Maker

I used to have a huge shop and could accommodate several students at one time, now I use a small room in my house for most of the work.  This means I can only have one student at a time, one-on one.

If you are willing to spend three work days with me here at my home in McMinnville, Oregon, I will help you make a pair of standard three button moccasins for yourself and you will also go home with your own moccasin patterns, experience hands on training, plus the opportunity to have your questions answered in person.

Overview of the SodHoppers Boot Camp – You will receive three Days of intensive hands on training. A three button pair of standard Custom Moccasins and your all important Patterns – optional additions at cost. A Big Bonus to the hands on training in making your own pair of moccasins is going away with a good set of your patterns! Along with the Apprenticeship Video and a knowledge of the tools needed, you have a great head start toward making custom moccasins on your own.

Day 1 – Take your moccasin order. Make your Foot Cast and Patterns.  Make & Sew Sole pieces.  As time allows, practice Sewing, Q&A.
Day 2 – Cut Leather for Moccasins, Skive and Glue together. Sew Moccasin Uppers and glue to Bottoms.  As time allows, practice Sewing, Q&A.
Day 3 – Sew Gemini to uppers, finish details, Buttons, Laces and Soles.  As time allows, practice Sewing. Q&A.
Each day will consist of two three hour sessions with a 1 hour break for lunch: 9 AM – 4 PM
You will have to provide your own food and lodging.

You must purchase the How To DVD’s or Blu-ray & Manual in advance, this is also your $500 Deposit. It is a prerequisite in order to familiarize yourself with the material before attending the Boot Camp.  You can watch the How To Video Introduction here.

Room, board and travel expenses are not included. Once you have purchased the How to Videos and a date is set, I require a non-refundable $500 deposit to reserve this time slot for you. If arrangements fail on my end we can either reschedule or your deposit will be refunded.

The cost of the Boot Camp is $2000 thru Paypal, check or M/O 
After ordering the How To Videos, the balance of $1500 is due upon arrival.

1. Order the How To Videos & watch them.
2. Set & reserve the three day time slot.
3. Make arrangements for your lodging and food.
4. Watch the videos and come prepared with questions

5. Have your Moccasins order ready.