Used Moccasins For SALE

Once in a while I come across a pair of moccasins that need a new home…

I have a pair of 17″ tall Kneehigh Moccasins made back in the late 60’s or early 70’s, just guessing. I cannot tell who made these. They are a women’s size 7 or 8 narrow and long. They have the old-style leather buttons, not sure what redwood leather is used for the main body, but I can tell the trim is gold elk. They have the sheep shearling insoles and conveyor belt soles. When I sell these, I can either remake them to custom fit the new owner for an additional $200, or they can be purchased the way they are for $200 + $15 shipping.

I suggest a refit because the soles are wearing some at the heels. I can size them smaller than size 8 narrow, but I cannot make them any larger. If these seem like a fit for you and you are willing to try them on for size, I will refund all but the shipping charges if you decide to return them within one week of receiving them. Let me know if you are interested. $200 + $15 shipping as is.