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Moccasins scheduled for completion within 3 weeks
of my receipt of your usable cast,

tracings and Payment in Full.

PayPal, Check or M/O

International Orders by PayPal only.

Creating your footwear begins with a duct tape cast of your foot, tracings, and order with deposit.  Using the Instructional Casting Video you can make this duct tape cast yourself in the convenience of your own home.

Call me and I will walk you through all the choices and options. I can send a Paypal request for the minimum $100 deposit or you can mail a check or M/O. I will then email a link to the Casting Video or mail the Casting DVD by USPS First Class. There is a one year time period from the time you place your order to mail your cast with tracings and make payment in full. Once I have your usable cast, tracings, and payment in full, your boots will be scheduled for completion within a 3-5 week period and shipped within the USA by USPS Priority Insured with Delivery Confirmation, and by International Priority to countries throughout the World. Your Order and Payment information is kept confidentially off computer records.

You can custom design or alter any moccasins you see on my site, any height, any options such as colors, buttons, soles, etc.

So what is a basic boot? The base price for a particular boot height includes the following: Any color combination, any base trim design, a complete finished edge piping and removable insoles, standard buttons and soles. Optional designs and artwork are extra and are priced on material plus time and labor.

Many typical questions have been addressed on our Questions Page.  If you know that your feet are very different from each other, or in doing your tracings you determine that you need two fittings, see “Do I need two fittings” on the Questions Page for further information, there is an additional $50 charge.

Write down your selections and call me.

1. Button Height of Moccasins Main Body Leather & Color

The higher the boot the more total body support you get.
Knee high Boots vary in height between 8 -10 Buttons (No Additional Cost) depending on the height of the individual. They come to about an inch below the kneecap. A 2 Button boot comes just above the ankle. A 3 Button boot is the minimum height needed to start feeling ankle support. A 5 Button is a lower mid-calf high boot. The higher the moccasin the more total body support.

2 Button 5″ $275
3 Button 7″ $325
4 Button 9″ $375
5 Button 11″ $425
6 Button 13″ $475
7 Button 15″ $525
8 – 10 Button Kneehigh 16″-19″ $575
Thigh High Call for Quote

The best choice of leather for the main body is Buffalo. It is thick and has excellent stretch, strength, texture and feel. The Bull is also thick and has great strength, but doesn’t have the same suppleness, or stretch qualities and takes longer to break in. The Elk is thinner, stretches more, and has less strength and weight than the Buffalo or Bull. This is a great choice if you want a light weight moccasin not designed for rugged use, more like a slipper. 

Buffalo, Elk, Moose and Deer hides may contain natural range marks.

2. Choose Front Trim Design & Leather Color.

The Front Trim is the piece the buttons are sewn on. It is not mandatory, but adds beauty, and very needed backing strength for the buttons. Additional cost for Natural Edge.

Scallops, Natural, Straight, Roll.

Optional Natural Edge costs extra, the rest come standard.

The Natural Edge is taken from the edge of the hide. Each piece is unique in shape and may have natural range marks, holes, teats or scars, and every moccasin with the Natural Edge will be uniquely different, no two will ever be alike.  This option will result in a more rugged and natural looking moccasin.

Natural Edge 2-3 button $15
Natural Edge 4-5 button $20
Natural Edge 6-10 button $40

3. Optional – Edging On Front or Heel Trim & Leather Color

Mirror Edging 2-4 button $30 – 5-8 button $40
Natural Edging 2-4 button $20 – 5-8 button $30

4. Choose either a full heelpiece or cap & tabs & Leather Color

If you choose the Full Heelpiece, it will be cut in the same trim design as the Front Trim. The Full Heelpiece is all one piece with lacing tabs included and adds extra strength and full body support. Drawings depict the outside and inside view.

The Cap & Tabs style consist of individual diamond shaped tabs for the lacing and a half moon shaped cap around the heel.

drawing cap and tabs

Either style gives you the needed support of a second layer of leather around the heel. The difference is mainly a matter of visual choice. The Full Heel piece adds a bit of weight as well as strength & body support. The Cap & Tabs makes the boot a little lighter and more flexible. Either should be made from either the Buffalo or Elk, or in some cases Bull.

5. Optional Extras include adding + Leather & Color

Cuff – Straight $40, Natural Edge $50
Fringe – 3-6 Button $60, 7+ Button $80
Toecap – $30
Artwork – call for Quote

Sloping – Natural Edge – Slight Curve – Wave

This Toe Cap is an important strength piece and should be made from either the Buffalo or Elk. Warning: The more colorful Deer frays easily and can damage easily when scraped, and Bull is usually too stiff. Natural or Mirror Edging can also be added.

6. Choose Buttons and Soles and optional Arches $15
and/or Cushions $15. Moccasins come standard with 1/4″ wool felt insoles.

I custom fit arches using your tracings. Moccasins are not designed to be worn with arch supports and are only for those who feel they need them.

Cushions are an additional 1/8″ shock absorbing
material layered in the insole for those who need additional cushioning.

The drawing below is to help you understand the base construction and terminology of standard moccasins. Stealth Trackers with the Goop sole have a leather mid-sole instead of rubber.

7. You may need two separate patterns – additional $50 charge.

See “Two fittings”, on the Questions Page for further information.

8. Call Paul to place Order:
I can send a Paypal request or you can mail a check or M/O..

3071 NE McDonald Ln.
McMinnville, OR 97128
(503) 435-0606

Call or Email
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