Leather of the highest quality top grain
Buffalo, Elk, Moose and Deer.

Leather Considerations- When choosing which leather and color to use consider the following

Buffalo is the thickest and runs about 8 ounces in thickness, is very supple,
and the most durable of the heavy leathers and is the first choice for the main body.
I use lighter weight for trim or for lighter weight moccasins.

Elk and Moose are great for those individuals who want a lighter
weight buttery leather of about 5 ounces in weight.
Light weight Buffalo can also be used for light weight moccasins.

Deer is great for light weight trim areas only, about 3 ounces.
It has a great natural edge as well.
It is not suitable for the main body, toecap or heelcap
because it scuffs easily, is too light weight,
and will not hold up under any rugged use.

Bullhide is a close second to Buffalo in weight, about 7 ounces,
comes in some wild colors, but it is stiffer and not as supple as buffalo.
I recommend not using it for a toecap because of it’s stiffness
and inability to stretch well like the Buffalo.

Color differences can be noted on the photos of boots,
some darker, or even brighter than others of the same color.
This is due to different dye lots for each order of leathers. 
Buffalo, Elk and Deer hides may contain natural range marks.


Sand – (Saddle – not available) Tobacco – Redwood – Chocolate – Black

ELK or Moose

Sand – Saddle – Tobacco – Redwood – Chocolate – Black


Turquoise – Green – Blue – Purple – Red – Gold


Red – Green – Purple – Black + Turquoise – No photo

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